New Glass Analysis Project

Hi all, 

My name is Kim Connor and I’m the new Postdoctoral Scholar on the MSCAP project. This year I’m going to be working on re-cataloging glass tablewares (cups and other vessels used for consuming food and drink) and containers (like bottles and jars) and beginning to analyze them. I’m very excited to be working on the project and am hoping to occasionally post some of the cool things that I find as I’m working my way through the material. Here are a couple of my favorites from the last few weeks! 



This seal would have decorated the shoulder of a bottle full of absinthe made by Edouard Pernod in Couvet Switzerland between around 1827 and 1910.

The base of this bottle is embossed AB&Co. We don’t know who this maker was, although bottle collectors suggest it might have been European from the 1860s to 1910s. This bottle might have held beer or wine.

On the base of this bottle you can see a perfectly round valve mark because this bottle was made by a machine, meaning it probably dates from the 20th century, after the Chinatown had left the site.

There Was a Chinatown Here – a new digital exhibit

The Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project is very pleased to announce our new digital exhibit, There Was a Chinatown Here.

There Was a Chinatown Here logo

The exhibit tells the story of San Jose’s historic Chinese community through artifacts, stories, and videos. This new website is the result of the joint efforts of Stanford archaeologists and members of Chinese Historical and Cultural Project.

In addition to creating an on-line venue for interpreting this important chapter of San Jose’s history, the digital exhibit is linked through QR codes to artifact displays in the Chinese American Historical Museum. Visitors can scan the QR codes with their smartphone or tablet to be instantly linked to the videos, photographs, and stories in the digital exhibit.

Please, visit our new online exhibit, There Was a Chinatown Here.

Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project at Society for California Archaeology Meeting!

The Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project Symposium Presenters! Photo by Yucaipa Kwock.

Hi everyone,

This past weekend (March 8-10) the Society for California Archaeology (SCA) held their annual conference in Berkeley, CA.

As part of the conference, project director Dr. Barbara Voss and collection manager Megan S. Kane organized a symposium entitled:  Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project:  Ten Years of Community-Based Research on an Overseas Chinese Collection

This symposium served as a space for various project participation to reflect on the progress made in its last 10 years, the directions currently being explored and as an opportunity to solicit feedback and input from the California archaeological community and the public. The SCA’s were an especially appropriate venue for this reflection, as it was at their annual meetings in 2004 that the first Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project symposium was held as part of the initial project launch!

From 8:45am to 12pm, a variety of project participants presented 12 minute papers on various facets of the Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project. Presenters ranged from those most recently brought on to the project, to those involved from the start, archaeologists and non-archaeologists, undergraduate and graduate students, professionals, professors and more! The papers presented were well received and the symposium was very well attended, with the audience spilling out into the hallway for almost the entire time.

In addition, later that evening our project partner, Chinese Historical and Cultural Project (CHCP) received the Helen C. Smith Avocational Society Award from the Society for California Archaeology! This award is given annually “to a California avocational archaeology society, club, group or individual belonging to such an entity who has shown outstanding leadership in the field of cultural resources management.” Lillian Gong-Guy, Anita Wong Kwock and Yucaipa Kwock were there to receive the award on behalf of CHCP. Congratulations to CHCP on receiving this award!

Anita Wong Kwock and Lillian Gong-Guy are presented the Helen C. Smith Avocational Society Award from SCA by Barb Voss. Photo by Yucaipa Kwock.

To give everyone a taste, listed below is the description of and program for the symposium. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a photo gallery of the symposium, the banquet dinner and CHCP receving their award. All photos courtesy of Yucaipa Kwock.

Thank you to the symposium organizers, project participants, and to all the presenters for making this Market Street event such a big hit, and congratulations to CHCP!


Symposium 5 Program

Title:Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project: Ten Years of Community Based Research on an Overseas Chinese Collection

Organizers: Barbara L. Voss and Megan S. Kane

Symposium Description

In 1985-1988, San Jose’s first Chinatown was rapidly excavated during urban redevelopment. Despite being described as the most significant assemblage of Overseas Chinese artifacts in North America, the collection was only minimally studied before being stored in a municipal warehouse. In Fall 2002, Stanford University, Chinese Historical and Cultural Project, History San Jose, and Environmental Science Associates formed the Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project to catalog, analyze, and publish this remarkable collection. This 10th anniversary symposium presents current research and public outreach programs, and explores new directions for the next stages of the project.


8:45 Introduction: Reflections on Ten Years of Collaborative Research, Education, and Public Archaeology Programs on the Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project
Barbara L. Voss

9:00 The Chinese Community in Santa Clara Valley – Chinese Historical & Cultural Project (CHCP) of Santa Clara County, Inc. (1987)
Anita Wong Kwock and Lillian Gong-Guy

9:15 The Public Archaeology Events of the Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project
Guido Pezzarossi

9:30 City Beneath the City: Market Street Chinatown San Jose Art Installation – Giving Public Voice and Visibility to A Buried History
Rene Yung

9:45 Art/facts: Challenging Archaeological Presentation in the “City Beneath the City”
Kyle Lee-Crossett

10:00 Exhibits and Events: Ethnographic Observations of the Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project
Meghan E. Gewerth

10:30 Reconstructing the Context of an Orphaned Collection: a Case Study of the Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project
Megan S. Kane

10:45 Worth a Thousand Words: Transfer Prints from the Market Street Chinatown Collection
Stephanie K. Chan

11:00 Fan and Tsai: Food, Identity, and Global Connections in the Market Street Chinatown
Ryan Kennedy

11:15 Starch and Residues on Market Street Chinatown Artifacts
Sheahan Bestel and Fanya Becks

11:30 Food, Diet, and Health in Market Street Chinatown, San Jose: Microscopic and Macroscopic Evidence 
Linda Scott Cummings, Kathryn Puseman, Chad Yost, and Peter Kováčik

Rebecca Allen

Photo Gallery (All photos by Yucaipa Kwock).