Our New Lab!

A View of Our New Lab

This has been a year of exciting news and big developments with the Market Street Chinatown Archaeological Project. At the beginning of the academic year we moved into a new lab. Located in the new archaeology building at Stanford University, this lab is a cutting-edge research facility in the heart of campus. This building includes space for artifact storage and analysis as well as room for our research library and multimedia equipment. Anybody interested in a tour of the new facility can e-mail us at bryn@stanford.ed to arrange a visit.

Our Artifact Storage Case

In other news, Professor Voss and Bryn Williams have organized a panel on overseas Chinese archaeology for this January’s Society for Historical Archaeology annual meeting in Sacramento. The Society for Historical Archaeology is the largest professional organization of historical archaeologists in the world. With participants from the United States, Australia and New Zealand, this panel will bring together archaeologists studying Overseas Chinese communities from around the globe. Research about Chinese communities in San José will feature prominently in this panel. It will be exciting to discuss the history and archaeology of the Market Street Chinatown with such a diverse group of international scholars.